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David Ryken is recognised as a leading immigration lawyer in New Zealand. He founded and manages New Zealand’s largest team of legal professionals providing a full range of immigration services to corporates and individuals. David’s personal practice includes corporate work and investor category visas, including secondments for multinational companies.

Since 2000, David has been a member of the immigration and nationality law committee of the International Bar Association. He regularly presents papers at local and global conferences on business investor and other immigration issues, and is often asked to give evidence as an immigration expert in matters before the courts.

Practising in a country that allows the combined practice of a solicitor and a barrister David also appears regularly in New Zealand’s courts on a wide range of matters including appeals and judicial reviews of immigration decisions, and in our criminal courts in cases involving immigration compliance and deportation. David has contributed to a number of textbooks on New Zealand immigration law including the first edition of Immigration Law: Jurisdictional Comparisons, Thomson Reuters (2013).

David heads a team of enthusiastic and committed legal professionals, proficient in a wide number of languages. His team are committed to providing a prompt, accurate and professional service to clients around the globe, interested in doing business and working in New Zealand, or in permanent stay in New Zealand. Ryken and Associates combines its advice and experience with all aspects of legal practice including employment, family, criminal and commercial law, where these intersect.

Ryken and Associates are a team of lawyers and legal professionals engaged in a variety of legal services. In addition to litigation (family, criminal, civil and employment), we also do commercial and immigration work.

Immigration rules are complicated and confusing. Engaging an experienced professional will ensure that your chances of success are high and that you are allocated the correct amount of points (Skilled Migrant/ Business Investor Category).

Ryken & Associates will not only help you in making sure all information needed is correctly supplied to the New Zealand Immigration Service, but with our experience and history, we make certain that you have the very best chance and representation for the whole process.